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Broken tooth? What are your options?

Almost every day at Tryon Family Dentistry we see patients that have broken teeth. Most of the time it’s from recurrent decay around existing almagams. If this happens there are plenty of options to correct this. Examples:

  • The tooth chipped but the bulk of the tooth is still intact
    • If this is the case most of the time a simple composite filling is used to restore the tooth. This can be done in a simple 30 min appointment
  • The tooth is broken and a large section of the tooth is missing
    • This example will need a larger restoration. Either an onlay or a crown. At our office we offer single visit crowns/onlays through CEREC ...

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Why do I need a deep cleaning? What is Periodontitis?

The initial visit at Tryon Family Dentistry is a comprehensive exam, where our team gathers as much information as possible from our patients. One of the most important portions is the measurement of gum height. Here we measuring what we call the pocket depth, the distance between the level of bone and the top of the gums that surround the teeth. The measurements obtained help us determine if there is any gum disease present.

Healthy measurements are less then 4mm. At these levels an individual can successfully clean the entire pocket with regular brushing and flossing. Patients in this category will receive regular dental cleanings at the initial comprehensive exam.

If our ...

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