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Broken tooth? What are your options?

Almost every day at Tryon Family Dentistry we see patients that have broken teeth. Most of the time it’s from recurrent decay around existing almagams. If this happens there are plenty of options to correct this. Examples:

  • The tooth chipped but the bulk of the tooth is still intact
    • If this is the case most of the time a simple composite filling is used to restore the tooth. This can be done in a simple 30 min appointment
  • The tooth is broken and a large section of the tooth is missing
    • This example will need a larger restoration. Either an onlay or a crown. At our office we offer single visit crowns/onlays through CEREC technology. With CEREC we can fix these teeth within 2 hours and the patient doesn’t need to return for crown/onlay with NO TEMPORARIES!
  • The tooth is broken and there is a pulp exposure
    • If there is a pulp exposure the tooth will need root canal therapy. At TFD we have CT Scan technology that allows us to pinpoint the exposure and map the canal. This allows us precise measurements of the nerve resulting in exact root canal therapy. These teeth are also restored through CEREC technology and this entire process can be taken care of in one appointment.
  • The tooth is non-restorable
    • A tooth that has fractured and cannot be restored needs to be extracted. There are plenty of options to restore this tooth. The most common and recommended is an implant. If a patient presents to the office with this type of fracture most of the time the tooth can be removed and an implant placed all in one visit saving the patient multiple visits and referrals to specialists.


As you can see there are plenty of options to restore missing teeth depending on the extent of the injury. If your tooth is broken please call our office ASAP for an evaluation. Delaying the treatment will cause more damage to the tooth.

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