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What options do you offer for fearful patients?

Cary and Raleigh dentists Dr. Leo and Dr. Alex understand that visiting the dentist is not comfortable for some of our patients. However, it is our goal to make your experience at Tryon Family Dentistry as comfortable as possible. So besides a welcoming and calming environment, we also offer options for dental sedation that can help anxious patients receive the dental treatment they need.

Nitrous oxide is delivered through a mask that you wear during your procedure. It starts working right away to help you feel calm, relaxed, and even euphoric in some cases – which is why it earned the name "laughing gas."

Nitrous is safe to use during many different types of procedures, and it’s also safe for children. You will be able to drive home on your own and continue your normal activities after a procedure with nitrous because it leaves your system immediately.

For patients with more complex procedures to complete or more severe anxiety, we also offer oral conscious sedation as an option. This is administered through a prescribed medication taken one hour prior to your appointment. While you will be completely relaxed, you are still conscious and responsive. Many patients actually feel as if they’re sleeping, and due to the nature of the medication, they have little to memory of their procedure.

Talk with Dr. Leo or Dr. Alex about your options for sedation if you feel uncomfortable going to the dentist.