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Missing teeth are embarrassing and can hinder patients from doing many things in their life. Simple everyday things become hard to do such as eating, talking, and smiling. The lower quality of life can be frustrating and hard for some people to deal with. Replacing your lost teeth with dentures is a great way to regain your confidence and allow you to chew and speak much easier than before. Dentures are essentially fake, custom made teeth that are removable. With advances in dental technology, our dentists in Cary NC can offer natural-looking restorations in a short period of time.

dentures cary nc

At Tryon Family Dentistry in Cary NC, we offer many types of dentures that will be custom made for your unique situation. Whether you are missing a few teeth or all of your teeth, we can design a new set of fake teeth to replace them. Dentures do take some getting used to, though. You may experience increased salivation, sore spots in your mouth, and may need to adhere to a soft diet until you have adjusted. Also, you will basically need to learn to talk and eat again.

Full Dentures in Cary NC

Full dentures are used for patients who have a full arch of missing teeth. Typically made of acrylic, a full set of fake teeth will sit snugly over the gums. For the first few months, you may need to have them adjusted often. After having your natural teeth extracted, your bone and gums may slightly shrink causing your dentures to not fit correctly. This is to be expected and can be fixed. We will monitor you closely, especially for the first six months after placement.

Partial Dentures in Cary NC

Partial dentures are used when the patient is missing more than one tooth and still has some perfectly healthy, viable teeth left. They are used to basically fill in the gaps in your smile. A partial is a removable appliance that uses metal clasps anchored to your remaining teeth to hold it in place. This is an alternative to a fixed bridge.

Denture Implants

denture implants treatment in Cary NCRemovable dentures may not work for everyone. They are bulking and take a while to get used to. Even though it is better to wear a removable appliance as opposed to doing nothing, they still come with some restrictions. You are unable to eat certain food, you must care for them daily, and they will require daily maintenance or even replacement eventually. For patients who do not want to deal with that, there is a more permanent and natural solution.

Denture implants involve securing a denture to dental implants that have been surgically placed in your jaw bone. They are better for your oral health because the implant acts as a replacement tooth root which stimulates the jaw bone. When the jaw bone is stimulated, you will not risk bone deterioration. Denture implants will not slip around in your mouth making it easier to eat and speak with confidence.

The dentists at Tryon Family Dentistry, Dr. Leo and Dr. Alex, can perform every step of the implant-supported denture process from the comforts of their Cary, NC dentist office. If you need your natural teeth extracted or you have ill-fitting dentures, we encourage you to schedule a consultation online to discuss your options.