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The Zebulon North Carolina dentist office of Tryon Family Dentistry welcomes patients and families from our local community and beyond. Our office provides comprehensive, personalized dental care for all ages with an emphasis on disease prevention and the long term maintenance of a healthy, comfortable smile. Our team practices relationship dentistry and takes the time to educate our patients on all aspects of their dental health and the care they receive in our office. We want you to enjoy the benefits of a smile that looks good, feels great and supports your best quality of life.

family dentist in Zebulon NC

Children’s Dentistry in Zebulon, NC

Tryon Family Dentistry provides complete smile care for all ages. We emphasize the importance of maintaining optimal oral health through regular dental care and oral hygiene that addresses your unique risk factors. The prevention of tooth decay is a key component of our routine dental care and we screen for the early signs of decay and gum disease during all dental exams.

Drs. Haydt and Wexler recommend that parents and caregivers bring children in for their first dental visit and exam once the primary teeth begin erupting, or around their first birthday. These first dental care visits can lay the foundation for healthy oral development and a lifetime of good dental health. Our team will take the time to get to know you and your family so that we can offer care that is personal and individualized to your needs and goals. Preventing decay and gum disease helps patients maintain natural tooth structure and minimizes the need for more invasive restorative treatments.

As a family dentist, we offer complete care for children that includes:

Adult Dentistry: Complete Care for Complex Concerns

Our dentist in Zebulon NC, Dr. Haydt, has advanced training in restorative dental care and offers adults and senior patients a full range of services to address their dental concerns. From chipped, broken and cracked teeth to missing teeth and gum disease, we offer complete care under one roof. Dr. Haydt also provides oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea and snoring as an alternative to the CPAP for those with mild to moderate symptoms.

As you age, your dental health needs change and we work with you to adjust your care to meet those needs and minimize changes that can be detrimental. The personal approach that we take allows us to offer individualized oral hygiene care and advice during your visits. We ask about your overall health to address any risk factors or oral health issues related to medical conditions or medications.

For patients who have lost teeth or face an extraction due to damage or advanced decay, Dr. Haydt offers tooth replacement in Zebulon including dental implants. From single tooth implants to implant dentures, Dr. Haydt can work with you to restore function and aesthetics to your smile with the best possible solution. Dental implants can restore the most natural chewing function and the ability to speak with confidence with long-term results. We can combine cosmetic dentistry services with restorative treatments for a total smile makeover.

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Tryon Family Dentistry in Zebulon welcomes new patients of all ages from many local communities. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Haydt or Dr. Wexler, contact our office at (919) 760-6710 or request an appointment online.